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KITA is one of the largest trade organizations in the world and a strategic partner with MZI Global. Superb management, customized roadmaps and strategy implementation resulted in accelerating market entry success for our numerous Korean organizations covering over 15 industries.
Jason Park
Senior Manager
KITA, Korean international
Trade Association

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MZI Global Market Entry Strategy Rainmaker

Sustainable ventures into new domestic and/or international markets via the Ethnosynergism® market system:
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Global Branding and Adaptation
  • Tactical Implementation
  • Growth of International Footprint
  • Venture Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategic Partnership:
Through MZI Global's core networks, clients receive value-added service consisting of varied businesses, multichannel distributors, academics, scholars and sociocultural leaders. Our marketing inelligence, mixed with strong social and business partners, facilitates clients' rapid entry into targeted customer segments.  

New Market Entry Strategies via Ethnosynergism®:
Ethnosynergism® is a proprietary market system that incorporates a global network of:

  • Governmental, commercial and non-profit entities
  • Global intelligence flow
  • Synergistic ventures   

Its precise micro-segmentation facilitates new market entry, and provides local/global customer’s insights crucial to product strategy and brand development.

International Trade Representation:
MZI Global offers transparent trade representation and customized strategic roadmaps that outline the path to negotiating and securing win-win trade and deal agreements.  From the initial stages of market research, marketing and business planning to the product and business positioning, MZI Global maximizes value propositions to meet our clients’ profitability and growth goals.

Breaking through Market Entry Barriers:
MZI Global conducts internal and external analysis, and identifies and overcomes unique challenges and obstacles to help clients maximize profits. MZI Global’s tactical services guide clients through new markets, generating sustainable, measureable and accountable growth. Our international team provides clients with comprehensive solutions that deliver unprecedented results on the roadmap to new markets despite the challenges of today’s economic environments.

A strategic partnership is with MZI Global. MZI Global experts specialize across 15 industries and in 10 languages. The services we offer our clients include market entry strategies, integrated marketing, global branding, market intelligence and public sector services. We work with our clients to create the most cost-effecient, effective and profitable solutions to their goals.

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